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I just wanted to edit something with Emma’s face.

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Emma at the 2012 MTV movie awards


Emma at the 2012 MTV movie awards

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Happy 22nd Birthday love.

Happy 22nd Birthday love.

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Emma Watson on the set of The Bling Ring

OMGOMGOMGOMG so much love

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Emma Watson on the set of “The Bling Ring” in Los Angeles, California on April 09, 2012.

Long hair still suits her best. God you’re pretty.

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“Hermione’s shocked by Ron finding Lavender, this pink kind of ball of squealy-ness, attractive. When Hermione’s clearly not that girly, girly kind of girl. And there’s clear feelings there with Hermione and Ron from the beginning.” - Jessie

“She’s a bit heartbroken to be honest and Hermione and Lavender hate each other, so that’s really awful. She’s very sweet, but she’s just quite, um, annoying.” - Emma

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I love emma. haha.

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On the Set of The Bling Ring in Calabasas on March 19, 2012


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Emma Watson introduced the launch of Lancóme’s Rouge in Love line at Selfridges in London earlier today. There was a short Q&A session with Selfridge Buying Director David  Walker-Smith.

I’ve missed you

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